Production Time:

All of our products are made to order. Lead times vary for each item, so please refer to the item's listing description for the turnaround time. Estimated standard lead times are not guaranteed, especially during busy seasons such as the holidays. Please feel free to reach out to us at sales@boldmfg.com to find out the most accurate lead times. 

General Shipping Info:

At this time, Bold MFG ships merchandise only to locations within the continental United States and not to international locations. Bold MFG does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, or the US Virgin Islands. The risk of loss and title for all merchandise ordered on this site pass to you when the merchandise is delivered to the shipping carrier. It is essential that you inspect the package at the time of delivery. Ask the freight carrier for a copy of the delivery receipt. 

Your responsibility is to check that all items are correct and all pieces accounted for before you sign. If the product is damaged in shipping, you may choose to refuse the delivery. If you decide to refuse the delivery, you must note the damages on the delivery receipt. With the proper documentation, Bold MFG will be happy to assist you in any freight damage claim.

In the rare instance of a lost or stolen item, Bold MFG will not be held responsible. Package liability is turned over to the customer at the time of shipment. Bold MFG will not be responsible for claims of theft when proof of delivery is verified by the shipping carrier. It is the customer's responsibility to track the package and anticipate its arrival. We make every effort to ensure our products reach their destination - with every shipment, we provide shipping confirmation and tracking information to the customer. 

Where do we ship?

Currently, we are limited to shipping to US addresses only, but we are willing to ship internationally if you contact us first with the address and what items you want to purchase.

How long does shipping take?

Once picked up by the carrier, shipping usually takes 3-5 business days. We will notify you upon completion with your tracking information via the email address provided to us upon checkout. All products but fire pits, planters, and large mailboxes ship via UPS Ground or USPS. Fire pits, planters, and large mailboxes ship by commercial freight. 

Local Customers:

We offer our local customers the option of picking up their completed items at our shop. If you are local and would like to pick up your items, please add them to the cart and proceed to the 2nd page of the checkout system. Once here, you will have the option of choosing "Pick up" from the "Shipping Method" dropdown menu. Once your item(s) have been fabricated, we will email you, letting you know they are ready for pickup. The pickup address is:

13575 Fitzhugh Rd, Suite 300

Austin, TX 78736

(West Austin, near Dripping Springs)



Custom Item Returns:

If an item was ordered with customization, i.e., house numbers, special dimensions, or letters, it could not be returned for reasons other than warranty issues. 

General Returns: 

Items that are not customized can be returned within 15 days from the shipment date for a 15% restocking fee + the shipping cost. Your refund can only be put back onto the card with which your item was purchased. Returns of this nature must be delivered in the new condition it was received. The product cannot have noticeable wear and tear, rust, or scratches - a refund will only be issued once the product has been received in said condition. This refund method can take two to three weeks, depending on your product condition and banking institution.

All product returns should be shipped to: 

Bold MFG & Supply

ATTN: Returns

13575 Fitzhugh Rd, Suite 300

Austin, TX 78736

Please include a letter listing your contact information and the reason for the return inside the package.


WARRANTY:   BOLD MFG wants you to feel confident with your purchase. We stand behind our products by offering a warranty that covers quality workmanship, materials, and defects in production for one year from the original date of purchase. 

We do not cover any cases of misuse or intentional destructive use of our products. Should you have a problem covered under this warranty, we will repair or replace the product at our discretion. The customer will be responsible for any shipping charges both to and from our facility. 



Our products are made of raw steel and are designed to rust. They do not have an applied finish or sealant - the grey color you see is the color of the natural layer on the steel, called mill scale. This natural layer may be uneven in tone and consist of darker or lighter shades of grey. Over time, the raw steel will eventually develop an even, brown patina with natural weathering - please refer to the pictures above to see how a fully rusted product will look. The rate at which this rusting happens varies with climate, but it will begin to rust as soon as the steel is exposed to the elements. The rust will not affect the performance of this product, as any hinges and locks are made of non-rusting material. If the rusted look is not what you want, please see the painting or sealing instructions below.



If you'd like to encourage your item to rust, spray it down with water regularly. While certain additives to the water can speed up the process, these are often too acidic to the steel. We recommend using plain water.



If you prefer to paint your item, please follow the instructions below. You will need acetone, clean rags, maroon Scotch Brite pads, primer, and paint for this process. All of these items are available at the hardware store (Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). 

1. Thoroughly rub-down the item with acetone. Keep cleaning until the rag is completely clear of any grease, fingerprints, etc. 

2. Using a maroon Scotch Brite pad, rub in one direction to smooth out the finish of the steel. This will help the primer adhere to the steel.

3. Rub down with acetone one more time.

4. Apply the primer in light, even coats. Follow the instructions on the spray can as to the application and dry time.

5. Apply the paint in light, even coats. Again, follow the instructions on the paint can.

6. Once the paint is dry; your item is ready to hang! 



If you would like to forestall the rusting process as long as possible, you'll want to treat your item as soon as you receive it. However, please be aware that this process will only forestall the rusting process and not eliminate it. For this process, you will need acetone, clean rags, maroon Scotch Brite pads, and a Krylon or Rustoleum product in a clear satin finish (all items can be found at the hardware store, Home Depot, Lowes, etc.). If properly applied, the spray will provide an excellent finish and help keep the rust at bay.

1. Thoroughly rub down with acetone. Keep cleaning until the rag is completely clear of any grease, fingerprints, etc. 

2. Using a maroon Scotch Brite pad, rub in one direction to smooth out the finish of the steel. This will help the spray adhere to the steel.

3. Rub down with acetone one more time. Make sure the item is spotless.

4. Apply the spray in light, even coats to the entire item, front, and back. Follow the instructions on the spray can as to the application and dry time. You will want to apply 2-3 coats. If you have purchased a plasma-cut item, pay special attention to the area around the numbers or lettering, as it is easy for this area to be missed and for rust to begin here. 

5. Once dry, it is ready to install! 


Bold MFG is happy to extend standard trade discounts to architects, interior designers, and others who specify our products for third parties. To enroll in our trade program, send us an email with the following information to trade@boldmfg.com.

  • Resale Certificate/ Tax ID
  • Certificate of Incorporation or DBA documents
  • Company URL

We look forward to working with you!