The Monroe Address Numbers



The Monroe address plaque is made of 3/16" thick steel, and can feature up to five numbers. The numbers are cut using our simple, clean font, and offset on the plaque leaving negative space to the left of the numbers. The dimensions of the plaque will vary according to the quantity of numbers, but an example of the Monroe with four numbers can be seen in the picture above (19 x 5 3/4", with 4" tall numbers). 

The house numbers are mounted using standoff bolts - this allows the plaque to be installed 1" away from the wall creating a shadow and back lit effect (as seen in the photo). Four holes are drilled in the wall and the plaque is then installed with an adhesive to secure the bolts within the wall holes. Bolts are included for simple installation. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks fabrication time. Upon completion, we will send you shipping notification and tracking information.


For more information about speeding up the rusting process, painting, or sealing your house numbers, please go here.

Please note: the first two pictures show house numbers that have already rusted. When your house numbers arrive, the plaque will be dark grey in color (see the last picture).

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