The Allandale Address Numbers



The Allandale address numbers are a set of address plaques made from 3/16" steel plate with each plaque featuring its own individual number. Each plaque measures 6" x 14", with each number measuring 4" tall - please scroll through the pictures above to see the diagram of dimensions. The above price is for anywhere from 3-5 individual plaques. 

The house numbers are mounted using standoff bolts - this allows the plaque to be installed 1" away from the wall creating a shadow and back lit effect (as seen in the photo). Four holes are drilled in the wall and the plaque is then installed with an adhesive to secure the bolts within the wall holes. Bolts are included for simple installation. 


As with all of our products, the raw steel will eventually develop a brown patina over time with natural weathering. The rate at which this rusting happens varies with exposure to the elements and climate. You will have the option of painting or powder coating your house numbers if you choose (we do not currently offer either of these services). For more information about speeding up the rusting process, painting, or sealing your house numbers, please go here.

Please note: the first picture shows house numbers that have already rusted. When your house numbers arrive, the plaque will be dark grey in color (see the the last picture).

When ordering, please choose a font style (please refer to the chart above to the five different options - shown in the picture is our "modern" font) and choose how you would like your house numbers to be aligned - either at the top, center, or bottom of the plaque. Please allow 2-3 weeks fabrication time. Upon completion, we will send you shipping notification and tracking information.


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