Overland Steel Mailbox - Ipe Wood

Locking Option


The Overland Mailbox with Ipe Wood is classic and beautiful.  With simple clean lines, it looks good just about anywhere.  This is a statement piece for your new home or an excellent replacement for that old stone slab that’s seen better days. This version, with Ipe wood cladding on the front, will age gracefully and last just about forever. We can also add a locking option which adds a secondary locking hatch behind the door with an incoming mail slot at the top. 

The Ipe used will come to you in a rich buttery brown color.  It is an incredibly hard wood that handles weather well - without maintenance, it will turn to a silvery gray.


LOCKING: Please choose locking or non-locking from the drop-down menu.

SHIPPING: This listing is for free local pickup in Austin only. No shipping required.

ANCHOR PLATE OPTIONSThe Overland can be anchored as is to any existing concrete or stone pad.  If no pad exists, we sell an anchoring post consisting of an 11 5/8” x 16 1/2” x ¼” plate welded to a 20” long 3” x 3” steel tube to be set into concrete.  Holes in the ¼” plate line up with the anchoring holes in the base of the parcel box, allowing easy installation anywhere desired.

Please allow 3-4 weeks fabrication time. Upon completion, we will email you when your mailbox is ready to be picked up.


As with all of our products, the raw steel will eventually develop a brown patina over time with natural weathering. The rate at which this rusting happens varies with exposure to the elements and your particular climate. For more information about speeding up the rusting process, painting, or sealing your mailbox, please go here.

Additional pricing will be added for Commercial or Residential delivery or if a lift gate is required for freight delivery.  Local? Please contact us!  

Type: Mailbox

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