The Dexter Mailbox

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This is the simplest, cleanest version of our Dexter mailbox series. Its hand crafted steel plate assembly will hold up to anything while providing an elegant and attractive addition to any home. Please scroll through the pictures to see more angles and dimensions. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks fabrication time. Upon completion, we will send you shipping notification and tracking information.


LOCKING:  For those needing a secure mailbox, we offer a locking option on our Dexter mailbox. The locking option adds a door behind the main front door with a slot at the top. We will provide you with two keys.

POSTS:  We offer two types of steel posts for mounting - please choose from the dropdown menu above.

Option 1: Set in Concrete -- This option allows you to set the post into concrete up to 18 inches. The entire length of the post is 60 inches. The post comes with a mounting plate that will align with the pre-cut holes in the Dexter mailbox. Hardware is included. 
Option 2: Existing Footing -- This option is 42″ long and comes with a bolt plate for mounting to an existing footing or pavement. Hardware is included.


For more information about the rusting process, painting, or sealing your mailbox, please go here.

Please note: the first pictures show a mailbox that has already rusted. When your mailbox arrives, it will be dark grey raw steel (see the later picture).

Type: Mailbox

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