The Westlake Steel Planters - Trough


Our Westlake trough steel planters come in various sizes and are perfect for creating division in space or setting off an open wall. Made of 14-gauge steel, over time, these planters will develop a deep brown rust patina.  The metal planters also feature laser-cut holes in the bases to allow for ample drainage and feature a seamless 1.5" trim lip surrounding the top perimeter for added detail. 

WEATHERING:   As with all of our products, the raw steel will eventually develop a brown patina over time with natural weathering. The rate at which this rusting happens varies with exposure to the elements and climate. You can forestall this process (but not eliminate it altogether) by treating your item with a clear coat product such as a Rustoleum spray product from your local hardware store. Each product will require multiple treatments over time to avoid and delay the natural rust process, though neither will guarantee a 100% rust-free surface.

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