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We build and deliver the Barton mailbox in clean raw hot rolled steel. Much like the grain in wood, this dark unfinished steel finish comes with some variety of heat marks from the raw steel cooling in the steel mill. Most people let this mailbox develop a handsome rust patina over time. The pictures show it at the tail end of this process as well as the raw steel look as we deliver it. 


CUSTOM FACEPLATE:  We offer this mailbox with a customizable powder-coated faceplate.  If you want the custom plate, just select that option in the drop-down menu and fill in your custom address numbers.

LOCKING:  We offer our Barton Mailbox with an optional lock.  The locking option adds a door behind the main front door with a slot at the top, and we'll provide you with two keys.

POSTS:  We offer two types of steel posts for mounting - please choose from the drop-down menu above.

Option 1: Set in Concrete -- This option allows you to set the post into concrete up to 18 inches. The entire length of the post is 60 inches. The post comes with a mounting plate that will align with the pre-cut holes in the mailbox. Hardware is included. 
Option 2: Existing Footing -- This option is 42″ long and comes with a bolt plate for mounting to an existing footing or pavement. Hardware is included.

FLAG: We now offer two choices of flags when purchasing your mailbox, a steel flag or a red powder coated flag.  Click here to add to your order. 

Please allow 2-3 weeks of fabrication time. Upon completion, we will send you a shipping notification and tracking information.

*** Live in Austin? Save on shipping! Contact us for local pick up prior to purchasing. ***

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Barton Mailbox

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